Exhibits & Posters

Brooklyn 5G Summit Exhibits

– April 2017



1 – Rohde & Schwarz

5G coverage measurements at 28 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz has updated and modified its network optimization tools (scanner, drive test software) to do basic coverage measurements according to Verizon Wireless 5G Technology Forum (5GTF) specifications at 28 GHz.


2 – Interdigital

Latency Reduction in Multi-hop Communication Systems

A proof of concept prototype of a 70GHz multi-hop relay system using LDPC code-word fast forwarding. This technology will be used to address the 5G requirement for Ultra Dense Network (UDN) and low-latency networking.


3- Keysight Technologies


5G Fronthaul real-time cross-domain QoS monitoring solution

Wireless Fronthaul Network monitoring enable operators to get significant insight regarding the quality of service and customer experience, and help measure, improve and troubleshoot fronthaul operation. As 5G Wireless Fronthaul networks increase in complexity and is at the convergence between RF signal and Protocol domains, monitoring solutions require a unique combination of RF signal and wireless protocol measurement science. The Keysight solution leverages from Keysight’s leading measurement expertise in both domains and provides a real-time dashboard of the 5G Fronthaul control plane with continuous monitoring of DCI messages. As physical events - such as interferences - may influence network operation, this monitoring solution deliver measurements that spans over multiple domains, from CPRI frame analysis, to modulation measurements, and wireless protocol analysis and monitoring.


4 – NYU


A Spread Spectrum Sliding Correlator Channel Sounder Baseband Design in 65 nm CMOS

This demo shows a spread spectrum sliding correlator channel sounder baseband with high dynamic range and high multipath delay resolution for 5G wideband propagation measurements.


5 - National Instruments


28 GHz Channel Sounder

This demo shows a state of the art channel sounder for 28 GHz. It uses a custom antenna array and a series of switches to create a 7x64 sounder based on a 1x4 analog architecture. FPGAs are used to process the received data in real time enabling this system to take complete 360 degree channel measurement in under the coherence time of the channel.


6 – NYU


Heterogeneous Sensing System for Neurosciences Applications

We present a heterogeneous CMOS ASIC-Graphene sensor which was developed for detection of dopamine. Study an detection of dopamine as an important neuro-modulator inside the brain is very important to address some pathological disorders like Parkinson or schizophrenia. In our developed system, we used multi-layer graphene as a sensor on top of a standard CMOS ASIC. The ASIC was designed in UMC standard CMOS 65nm technology and it is fully configurable for different sensor sizes and types.





Using a cloud based Intelligent, dynamic, automated management of spectrum for shared access and dedicated bands to support 5G deployments plus a novel in-band meshed network architecture.





Bell Labs modeling of three 5G use cases provides the framework to explain how our 5G Acceleration Services help operators turn 5G visions into real business success.





Demonstrating how 5G supports demanding applications at scale for large events all the way from the physical layer up to the business logic layer: using innovative mmWave network deployments, extending the network slicing concept, and leveraging existing venue infrastructure.


10 – NOKIA



Illustrates 5G’s capability to become the communication standard of the fourth industrial revolution. Using ultra-low latency and ultra-reliability to improve a factories’ workflow automation and enables new forms of robot collaboration.


11 – NOKIA



Nokia’s 5G FIRST is the commercial E2E launch for early adopters. Live demonstration of our 5G solution using Intel based CPE.


12 – Commsignia


Connecting self-driving cars

Explaining the benefits of Commsignia V2X technology for self-driving vehicles.


13 - Blu Wireless


Dual Modem mmWave gigabit Video Streaming demo

Blue Wireless Technology Typhoon platform demonstrates gigabit rate file transfer and UHD streaming video using 60 GHz phased-array platform incorporating BWT's production dual-modem based bank technology.


14 - Blue Danube Systems


High Definition Active Antenna Systems

Blue Danube Systems designs innovative mobile wireless access solutions that significantly and cost-effectively increase network capacity and enhance quality of service. Our High Definition Active Antenna Systems (HDAAS™) enable up to a 10X increase in capacity in LTE networks, using existing infrastructure and popular mobile devices. We’ll be showing how HDAAS can increase video performance, along with a life-size model of our 96-element BeamCraft™ 500 active antenna.


15 – INTEL


Reflector Antenna Arrays for mmWave

A reflector antenna array system using a 16 element array and 10cm x 10cm reflector to increase the system link margin for longer distance communications.


16 – NYU


ns3 demo; End-to-end mmWave Cellular

In this demo, we provide a hands-on description of our ns3-based end-to-end simulation platform for mmWave cellular systems.


17 – Savari


Car to Car V2X Applications

Software and hardware sensor solutions for OEM automotive car manufacturers, the automotive aftermarket, smart cities, and pedestrians with the vision of making transportation predictive, safer and more efficient. Demo video of car to car V2X applications - Static display of both RSU and OBU products.


18 – Maja Systems


mmW CMOS for Industrial, Machine to Machine and Automotive

Common Core Product Platform: mmW Digital Radio Modules. Co-Designed CMOS/PCB/Antenna for a Universal “PHY”

Demonstrate all CMOS digital radio solution currently shipping in 300mm Wafers

Demonstrate live use cases for IoT, M2M multi-gigabit wireless with nanosecond delay at physical layer.


19 - Mitsubishi Electric


Antenna and RF Module at 28GHz band for 5G Radio Base Stations

Prototype of antenna and RF module at 28 GHz band for massive-MIMO system. Key features are wide bandwith (800MHz), compact size (120x240x28mm), and wide scanning beam +45 deg).


20 – NYU


Massive MIMO and mmWave Channel Emulation

We demonstrate a new, cost-effective programmable channel emulator for high bandwidth, large antenna array systems. The emulator provides real-time emulation of the channel along with the RF front-ends to model high-dimensional arrays for both M-MIMO and 5G mmWave systems. It can provide up to 3 GHz bandwidth and can incorporate measurement based models along with the latest 3GPP statistical models.


21 – NYU


VR Streaming

In this demo, we target to emulate the video quality of experience (QoE) of VR streaming via a 5G mmWave channel.


22 – NYU


60 GHz Blockage Measurements with Phased Arrays

NYU WIRELESS has received two SiBeam phased arrays that are capable of rapidly changing pointing angles with no moving parts. These arrays, combined with a powerful and flexible National Instruments baseband have enabled the study of channel dynamics on incredibly short timescales. Today, you can see a demonstration of a local blockage study using this hardware and an associated modeling framework.


23 – NYU


5G Channel Simulator: NYUSIM

The 5G channel simulator, NYUSIM, with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), has been developed based on wideband statistical spatial channel model (SSCM) created from extensive real-world millimeter-wave (mmWave) measurements. NYUSIM is applicable for arbitrary carrier frequencies from 500 MHz to 100 GHz, bandwidths up to 800 MHz, various antenna beam widths and scenarios. It can be used for analyzing 5G channel characteristics, generating MIMO channel coefficients and analyzing MIMO channel spectral efficiency, and is used by over 7000 researchers over the world.


24 – Enigma


Vintage Enigma machines


25 – Phazr


5G Millimeter-Wave Live Demo

This demonstration showcases the performance of a gigabits-per-second-capable PHAZRTM 5G QuadplexTM transceiver system, operating at millimeter-wave and sub-6 GHz frequencies.

The setup consists of a RABACKTM node functioning as a base station, communicating simultaneously with multiple GazerTM units functioning as CPEs (customer premise equipment). Live system operation and control via the ECCANTM engine (Edge Control, Compute & Analytics) will be demonstrated, along with system performance statistics.


26 – NYU


Dual-Mode Flexible Millimeter-Wave Channel Sounder with Absolute Timing fo 5G Channel Modeling, and Recent Results

Live demonstration of a dual-mode flexible millimeter-wave channel sounder. The system is capable of true propagation delay measurements over many hundreds of meters with no cable connection. A real-time spread spectrum mode and sliding correlator mode can be configured to study: real-time channel dynamics and deep fades in crowded areas, channel Doppler, long-distance (100's of meters) and large-scale path loss, angular spread and delay spread with 2 ns multipath time resolution, and small-scale channel characteristics. Early results on an access point diversity / coordinated multipoint (CoMP) study will be presented.




P1 PosterMultiple posters on 5G topicsBristol

P2 PosterConfiguring millimeter wave antenna arrays using out-of-band spatial information

Authors: Nuria González-Prelcic, Anum Ali, and Robert W. Heath Jr

P3 PosterDo open resources encourage entry into the mmWave cellular service market?NYU Wireless

P4 PosterThe Blufferbloat Problem over intermittent multi-Gbps mmWave linksNYU Wireless

P5 PosterIII-nitride transistorNYU Wireless

P6 PosterSectorized Multi-cell Massive MIMO SystemsNYU Wireless

P7 PosterImproved Handover through Dual connectivity| MP-TCP in 5G mmWave NetworksNYU Wireless

P8 PosterDirectional Initial Access for Millimeter Wave cellular systemsNYU Wireless